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Tampa Roof Maintenance Tips Roofs require good care and maintenance since they happen to be the most important component of any building. Given below are the tips that help to keep your roof in fine state: •Check the attic often for water stains following recent storm occurrences •Examine your roof to verify if there are any weak shingles •Call a professional to replace any shingles where the black felt backing behind the shingles is seen •Seal any holes you may have from the installation of an antenna or satellite dish on your roof •Verify that your gutters have the proper slope to allow rainwater to freely flow to the ground •Clear any large leaves or debris that have collected in the gutters •Ensure that there are not any holes in the gutters preventing water flow •If metal gutters are installed, make sure that they have not collected rust •After extended periods of dry weather, check for empty animal nests in gutters •Inspect you proprietary building to ensure there are no potential crevices for critters to dwell in •Thoroughly clean the building's gutters on a regular basis (at a minimum of once every season) Are you wondering whether your roofing is satisfactory? Listed below are the warning signs to help you decide if you have a compromised roof: •Curling: When the corners of your shingles twist upward they cause what is called curling. As a result of this, the roof becomes highly prone to damage caused by wind and ice. Often times this is caused due to moisture build-up in the garret of older homes. •Broken Shingles: Strong winds and snow result in broken shingles. This allows for leaks to develop through your roof and into your home. •Bare spots: These spots are left in the roof as result of worn off shingles. Missing shingles leave spots on the roof and result in gathering of pellets in the gutters. •Buckling: You can identify buckling as waviness in the shingles. It is seen as a streak of buckling going up the roof slope. Buckling exposes tabs and makes it easy for the winds to rip them off. This is mainly caused due to inadequate ventilation in the attic.
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