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Tampa Roofing Services   Tampa Residential Roofing Whether you reside in a single or multi-unit residential setting, replacing your roofing will be one of the most critical financial decisions for your property. Choosing the right roofing contractor for you roofing project can make the difference in both the quality of the process as well as its results. Due to the trade-off between price and quality, the price should never be the deciding factor. Remember the old adage "You get what you pay for"? The standards you're a purchasing when you hire a roofing contractor should be absolutely clear to you as well as what you are receiving in terms of workmanship and materials and the extent of service after the work is completed. Regardless of whether you own a single family home or are the homeowner's association or property manager of a multi-unit housing complex our listed contractors can work with you from start to finish and long after the project is complete. Ask about our maintenance programs and full service warranties. Tampa Roofers of Tampa uses only high quality products. Our company representative will go over in detail the specific roofing products we will be using for your particular project. We only use the best materials in order to make sure you have a great, quality roof. On a typical re-roof job Tampa Roofers will: •Tarp walls and protect your plants as needed •Strip and haul away old layers of roofing (dump fee included) •Replace old damaged roof boards as necessary •Re-nail all decking •Install felt •Install peel and stick underlayment •Install 26 gallon 6" drip edge around perimeter of house •Install ridge vent •Install pipe and vent flashing •Chimney flashing as needed •Install new valley flashing •Install fungus resistant shingles or tile •Clean up entire job site •Rake and pick up stray nails with magnet roller Tampa Commercial Roofing Hot and Cold Built-Up Roofing  For Commercial roofing projects, Tampa Roofing employs a roofing system comprised of multiple layers of roofing paper adhered with either cold cement or hot asphalt covered with a variety of materials comprises called a Hot and Cold Built-up Roof. Our professional roof specialist will evaluate your roofing system and custom plan the specifications to meet your needs effectively. Single Ply Systems •Glue or heat weld is used to apply single layering roofing material. High level of durability. •Resistance to environmental conditions including ozone, UV exposure, etc. is excellent. •Inclement weather does not necessarily impede the application of the membrane. •Application process does not involve heavy equipment. •Engery costs reduced by reflective coating. Call or contact us today for a free and easy to read and understand estimate.
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